A Message From our District 10 Governor

Greetings, District 10 Zontians,
   I am so thrilled to send my first message of the biennium to you.  We have so much to be excited about as we work together to Build a Better World for Women and Girls!
   I must say the new biennium has had me feeling like I was drinking from a fire hose at times!  I am sure it is the same for our club leaders.  I now feel like I have somewhat of a routine in place and am moving forward in a positive direction on the “big items.”  That is a great feeling!  It is so helpful to me to know I do not have to do everything myself – there are so many Zontians I can lean on from our District 10 Board and Committee Chairs to our Club Presidents and Leaders and our wonderful group of Past Governors!  I hope all of you feel the same way – that there is a whole team of Zontians ready to help you, provide direction and generally lift your load.
   The Zonta International Convention at Hamburg was a wonderful experience.  I was excited to hear about this biennium’s goals, projects and programs first-hand from Zonta International President Ute Scholz.  I am excited about all of Zonta International’s goals, but am especially excited about Goal #4:  Celebrate Ourselves – with an emphasis on showcasing the Zonta Spirit. 
   When I think of those words, “the Zonta Spirit” it reminds me of an inclusive environment where Zontians greet one another with open enthusiasm that a kindred spirit of service creates.  When we seek to serve one another – just as we seek to serve women and girls in our local communities and around the world – we create a culture that is uplifting, unpretentious and accepting.  I am excited about taking steps that ensure our club cultures attract new members and retain current members because those members feel heard and able to make a connection to Zonta’s mission.
   Speaking of connecting to Zonta’s mission… One of the most “tried and true” ways of connecting to Zonta is to attend Area Meetings, Governor’s Summits, and District Conferences.  All these opportunities offer a means of connecting to Zonta’s mission on a global level and connecting to other Zontians. 
   Over and over, I see Zontians attend these meetings and come away with what I like to call the “Zonta Fire.”  Something in the message kindles the Zonta Spirit that expands to a better understanding of the global Zonta mission that turns into a  “fire” to propel their local club further toward that mission.  They come away inspired by ideas from other members and clubs and with renewed enthusiasm.  Plus, it is just wonderful to see the lifelong friends you make in Zonta!
   I hope your club members will take the opportunity to kindle the Zonta Spirit and Fire by attending our 2022 Governor’s Summit in Longview, Texas on October 15th.   The ladies of the Zonta Club of Greater East Texas are not only our Summit hosts, but they are providing a night of shopping and dining on Friday night — free of charge to you (except for your shopping purchases of course)!  I am also excited to tell you the Zonta Club of Greater East Texas is celebrating their fifteenth anniversary – Congratulations!
   Embarking on a new biennium is an exciting time – full of opportunities and prospects for realizing our Zonta mission in our local communities and around the world.  I thank each of you for joining me in Building a Better World for Women and Girls!

Yours in Zonta Service,

Connie Davis
Governor, District 10
Zonta International