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District 10 Newsletter

Volume 6, Issue 2, November 2012


Governor Donna Dodgen

 Hello Zontians and Happy Holidays!

Thank you to the Zonta Club of Longview for a successful District Conference and especially the conference co-chairman, Danita Utsman and Cheryl Martin─those two and their group did a splendid job! Another note of gratitude goes out the District 10 Zontians for attending and to those who supported the attendees. I hope all had their Zonta cups filled and enjoyed themselves, I certainly did!

In November, I participated in my first Governor's conference call focusing on the ZI Board and ZIF Board liaison points, the new Zonta PR Campaign - Zonta says NO, a new service project competition and two task force updates; Bylaws and Leadership development focusing on the Governors. All of these updates are available now on the ZI website so please take a look.

Please remember to mark your calendars for the spring area meetings and plan on attending. Please know that you can attend the area meeting that fits your schedule...we would love to see as many as possible attend.

Happy Holidays and a safe New Year to you all....may we prosper in membership and be/ abundant in service!

Donna Dodgen

Governor, District 10

Membership - Lt. Gov. Judy Kautz
Judy Kautz

        The latest membership report from Zonta International shows some progress since September toward our goal of 31,000 for the biennium. ZI gained almost 1200 members in October...great news! Many of you have added new members through the use of various tools we have available to us - club brochures, business cards, membership events, etc. Most significantly, many more clubs are now using Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about the incredible work that we do as Zontians! If club pages are set as open to the public, even more potential members recognize and respond to the Zonta mission.

         Don't forget about retaining the members you have - they are so valuable to your ability to do the great works and service that you do as clubs. New member orientations and mentoring are two important tools available to you to help with retention. Additionally, there are several rewards available to those members who sponsor new members that rejoin their second year. Our District 10 Key Award pin is presented to any member who sponsors a member that renews - add keys every year, one key per new member! ZI also has a wonderful membership pin awarded to members who bring in two new members during the biennium...this is a beautiful pin which you can view on the District 10 website under the new membership page.

        Your district board is always interested in any new ideas you have for mentoring, adding members, and publicizing our activities. Please share those with us, and please invite us to your events. We'd really enjoy seeing you and participating in your activities. Just email, call or write any one of us; contact information is available on the District 10 website under the District Board page.

        Remember that our goal is for each club to have a net increase of one member for the biennium. Don't forget the key phrase "find them, keep them, thank them." What powerful words these are, and they can serve as inspiration for us during this next biennium as we seek new members to carry out Zonta's mission!

ZI Foundation Ambassador - Kim Vann

        The Zonta giving spirit was alive and well at the District 10 Conference held in Longview, Texas this past October! Twenty clubs turned in pledges totaling $51,445 along with 50 individual donations totaling $10,000, which means we sent over $60,000 to the Zonta International Foundation!! Way to go District 10!! I was so proud and amazed at the generosity.

        A special thanks to Sally Rankin, our auctioneer for the foundation. She did a fabulous job of securing high bids for our items! Also, thank you to all the clubs and   individuals that donated items for the live auction! The auctioning of the flag bearers proved beneficial. Zontians opened up their wallets for the chance to carry their home state's flag during the opening ceremony of the conference. Another special moment was the presentation of the stained-glass Z to Wanda Rufner of the Zonta Club of Fort Worth. Many Zontians gathered their donations and went all in for the beautiful hand-crafted Z created and donated by the Zonta Club of Parker County and a surprise presentation was led by Amy Mercer.

Area 1 - Barbara Yoder, Director
Area 1

        I was so delighted to see all of the area one clubs at district conference. I learned a lot and so look forward to visiting each club in the next 6 months. You know I love the fun stuff so please bounce me all your calendar dates. I especially want to sample all the Amelia Earhart meetings and events. My best wishes to all Area One clubs for the Holidays. Raising the Status of Women is hard work but worth every minute and thought! Be Well and Do Good Work and I thank you for being a Zontian.

Area 2 - Suzanne Russell, Director
Suzanne Russell 

        Once again the District Conference has been one of the highlights of my year. As always, it was a learning opportunity and a lot of fun! Many thanks to the Longview Club for hosting this memorable conference. Their hard work and attention to detail was evident throughout the conference events. Most of all I appreciated the chance to meet and speak with members of the Area 2 clubs. Please be sure to let me know of the special events being held by your club during the year. I'll do my best to attend some of these events, and don't forget we can publicize them on the District 10 web site. Just send the flyers to our webmaster, Lt. Governor, Judy Kautz at . Clubs are also welcome to sell items through the District 10 Zonta Store. It would be a shame if some of these fun and creative items were only available to those able to attend Conference! I replenished my dwindling stock of Zonta T-shirts this conference from among the many artistic and imaginative designs offered. To post your items, send a picture of each, information about the item or an order form, and the name of a contact person to our webmaster.

        I hope that all of you have a very Happy Holiday Season with family and friends. When you receive your 2013 calendars, be sure to mark Saturday April 20th for the Area 2 meeting in Lafayette!

Area 3 - Marianne Seal, Director
Marianne Seal 

        Area 3 clubs are busy preparing for the holidays.  Club members are serving meals for homeless families, collecting gifts for residents in transitional housing, hosting parties for children at women's shelters and working on other projects that combine the spirit of the holidays and the ideals of Zonta.

        This is also time for club fellowship and celebration. Parties and events are scheduled for members throughout the Area!  The Zonta Club of Brownsville will be hosting the Area 3 meeting April 6, 2013. This is another opportunity for club members to share ideas and information and have fun while doing it. Please try to attend.

        Happy and Safe Holidays!

Amelia Earhardt Committee - Donna Couch

        What a wonderful conference we attended in Longview! Our clubs pledged almost a full AE Fellowship during our Roll Call, and our Foundation Auctions brought even more funds into our Fellowship coffers.

Our AE Luncheon was hosted by the Greater East Texas Club. The group helped us get into the mood by creating festive tables featuring world globes, travel maps and quotes from Amelia Earhart. We all enjoyed our key note speaker, Nancy Allyson Parrish, whose presentation led us to the world of WASPs-the women pilots of WWII. Nancy related how she has showcased their history through many venues including a PBS documentary, the National WASP WWII Museum, as well as her book "WASP IN THEIR OWN WORDS" and the "Fly Girls traveling WASP Exhibit". Nancy's tribute to the WASP was truly an inspiration to remind us to "soar" where others might not go.

        In addition, Wendy Awele Okolo, one of District 10 AE Fellows, joined us for the luncheon and gave us a brief overview of her project-Problems of Formation Flight. Ms. Okolo is studying at UT Arlington and is a first-time AE Fellow. Ms. Okolo's plans are to perform a full mission analysis of two or more aircraft in formation to see how much fuel is saved during a long flight. Her research will also include development of a supervisory controller that will automatically fly the aircraft with the best fuel distribution and best trim configuration. Ms. Okolo is active in the Society of Women Engineers and mentors engineering freshmen.

        The weekend following conference, I had the opportunity to join Governor Dodgen and the Zonta Club of Austin in welcoming ZIF AE Chair Sharon Langenbeck at the Amelia Earhart Fellow Luncheon at the AT&T Conference Center located on the UT Austin campus. The three other District 10 AE Fellows were honored at the luncheon. Sonia Hernandez is a second time Fellow and Divya Thakur both attend UT Austin. Elizabeth Rollins attends Texas A&M University. These three young ladies shared a bit about their projects but also told us how they came to the realization they wanted to work in this male-dominated field.

        Zonta Clubs around the world can take great pride in knowing they provide monetary support to such remarkable young women who aspire to improve the status of women!

D10 Nominating Committee - Janis Wood

        The Nominating Committee is different from other Zonta International District 10 Committees in the fact that it is comprised of three Zontians elected by you!  We are empowered to make decisions regarding candidates for the positions of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Treasurer, Area Directors, and Nominating Committee.  In addition to me, your 2012-14 committee includes Kayleen Kill, Zonta Club of Houston and Connie Stierstorfer, Zonta Club of Fort Worth. 

        Our duties also include working with the International Nominating Committee to recruit qualified Zontians for international offices:  Officers, Directors and International Nominating Committee members.  The International Nominating Committee is reviewing and making suggested revisions to the 2014-2016 Nomination Form and the International Nominating Committee Objectives and Guidelines.  Revisions will be approved by ZI Board prior to implementation. 

        2014-2016 may seem like a long time away, but it is never too early to search for potential nominees who possess the required qualifications to take up these leadership roles.  Are you interested in serving at District or International level?  Perhaps you or one of your fellow Zontians are up for the challenge, have the time to serve, and ready to submit your name to the D10 Nominating Committee.  Don't wait for us to contact you!  Feel free to let us you're your interest or recommend a fellow Zontian.  Your committee members want to hear from you!   

Your comments and suggestions to improve this newsletter are always appreciated. Please let the board know what you think of this new format.
Pris Truesdell
Zonta International District 10

Zonta District 10
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